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       Well, we hope this is what you are really here for! Thanks for stopping by.

Our new EP, Long Road, is now available on all major streaming services. Please select any of the streaming service icons listed below (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube) to hear our latest songs. Our EP is also available on most major music streaming services such as Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Audiomack, iHeart Radio and Google Music.

We hope you like it enough to download the music!



Long Road EP Song List

1. Long Road To Happy - A slow-paced solitary drive towards acceptance that life and relationships are not easy and it sometimes takes longer than you want to get where you want to be. Violins push forward the mood and ambience of this melancholy tale.
2. Scars & Faded Tattoos - Like a mid-tempo southern draw on a cigarette as the listener contemplates seeing people from the outside looking in. A song of drawing conclusions based on superficial or pre-conceived biases as the music ebbs around the questions and doubts we have of others and also ourselves.
3. By You - Punchy upbeat rhythms that dance and intertwine around heart break and doubt. At times a song of defeat but also hopefulness that tomorrow brings another chance at redemption.
4. Couch Surfing - A hard driving punch to the gut about what else, relationships. A little tongue in cheek and a little spot on the nose, the music and lyrics pump and push forward telling a story very familiar to most, relationships and the pain of accepting what may not be love.
5. In The End - A slow entrance that gives way to soaring riffs and climbs in pace and pulse. A song that holds no punches and asks the question what is next “in the end”?


We want to thank those that helped us along the "Long Road" that is the Long Road EP. 
* James Forbes @ Vortex Studios - Clearwater, FLA for Final Mastering of all songs.
* Patti Camiscioli for Violins on Long Road to Happy
* Glenn Welman for Drums on Scars and Faded Tattoos
* Our Families for love, support and patience.