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      Ravens & Rust are songwriters looking for opportunities to share their stories. A little bit rock mixed with a little bit of singer-songwriter, Ravens & Rust have balanced a fine line of Americana-influenced music for a style that they call their own.

Born and raised on the Southern side of New Jersey, Ravens & Rust are a songwriting duo that have honed their craft over decades of reflection, inspiration and absorption of what makes a good song great. Living in small towns to big cities provides Ravens & Rust a landscape of emotions and how the impacts of those environments in which you write reflects heavily in both content and style. Southern New Jersey has provided a lush atmosphere to access and write about oceans, mountains, cities and farms while weaving in the tenants of a good song; Love, regret, longing and reflections of both past and current relationships. We don’t call out our musical heroes or inspirations as we want you to listen to our music and find hints of both artists and styles that we have gravitated towards throughout the years. We believe that there is something here for everyone regardless of style of music that you prefer.

So perch on a branch next to the Ravens, dust off the rust and listen to our stories. 

Ravens & Rust are KT Camiscioli and PM Duffy.